A little late…..

With all the D-Day 70th anniversary stuff……..some stories you don’t hear too often. Or not enough. Or at all. Juno Beach and the Canadians In 1994 then-US President Bill Clinton called  a group of historians to the White House advise him on his forthcoming trip to the Fiftieth Anniversary D-Day commemorations in Normandy. Clinton, a savvy monitor … Continue reading A little late…..

“Decent people trying to do decent things”

“Decent people trying to do decent things” that’s how BBCFoyle radio host Mark Patterson describes Catherine Corless and the volunteers in Tuam trying to have the location of the mass grave of 796 innnocent children marked properly. It’s hard to disagree. You can hear his interview with Corless here. The interview provides the broad outline of … Continue reading “Decent people trying to do decent things”

Written in Fury

A day off work, a quick check of the twitter feed and I find this. Suddenly I’m immersed in an atrocity story from my homeland and the red mist descends. I shake. My stomach churns. I am beyond angry. A distance of four thousand and more miles means nothing. The appalling story of the Tuam babies … Continue reading Written in Fury