all it takes is good people to speak out….

One thought on “all it takes is good people to speak out….”

  1. I love this Pat Condell. His YouTube following is still blossoming and no wonder.

    Read a review of ‘The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements’
    which sums up Anjem Choudry and co:

    ‘Faith in a cause is to a large degree a replacement for the individual’s lost self-confidence. The movement offers a substitute for individual hope. Furthermore, movements are interchangeable to a surprising extent. As he puts it; “A Saul turning into a Paul is neither a rarity nor a miracle.” The reason is that they attract the same mentality.

    Antidotes include arrangements that discourage atomistic individualism or offers opportunities for action or new beginnings, like emigration. Creative expression is a potent protector: even the poor that are creatively involved are immune, as are the abjectly poor and members of close-knit family, tribal or religious groups.

    Potential converts are the disaffected. Hoffer identifies them as misfits, outcasts, minorities, adolescents, the ambitious, the obsessed, the impotent in mind or body, certain categories of the poor, the extremely selfish, the bored and the sinners.

    He explains the burden of freedom, how it aggravates frustration in certain individuals. The followers exchange their individual responsibility for the sense of redemption that the movement offers. Those who feel like failures value equality and fraternity much more than freedom.’

    ‘Andy’ as he was known enjoyed high education on the state when degree grants were still awarded. I don’t know when he lost his mind but I hope I am around to witness that look of bewilderment when he finally comes to.

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