Don’t Ask Me No Questions……

2 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me No Questions……”

  1. Thanks Paul. I’m knocked out that you thought this was diverting enough to add in your splendid blog.

    Of course now we can start trying to answer rock questions with other rock questions…

    Or thinking up answers and then trying to work out which question would be suitable. My first thought in that direction is “Hey, Lord, Don’t Ask Me Questions” by Graham Parker and The Rumour. Isn’t there a hymn called “Where Will You Be On Judgement Day?” Or else there’s got to be something in Dylan’s re-born oeuvre. i just can’t bring myself to listen to it.

  2. so Johnny- Are you the same Johnny Black with posters plastered up all over the Bowery….or at least one plastered up near the Slainte pub????

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