Team of Destiny?

So Sunday rolled around, an FA Cup semi-final against the Champions of Europe. Ninety minutes rolled into One Hundred Twenty Minutes. Apparently it was a bad game for the neutrals. I wouldn’t know I was fretting and sweating every second. I am not a neutral. Nails chewed. Heart Stressed. Hair pulled. Years taken off my … Continue reading Team of Destiny?

River Deep Mountain High

So…..Phil Spector…….guilty of murder in the 2nd Degree. Phil was also found guilty of this hirsute tribute to Jimi Hendrix bassist Noel Redding…..or maybe to Bootsy…. ………and this odd blonde mod look, sort Small Faces circa 1966 meets Aron Spelling. It’s all been downhill for the boy-genius since River Deep Mountain High. Please, spare me … Continue reading River Deep Mountain High

Schizoid Everton

At 3-3 draw at Villa Park seemed to encapsulate in one 90-minute spell all the inconsistancies of Everton’s current form. Great goals scored, stupid goals conceded, out-of-form players perking up (Osman), previously solid performers looking shaky (Howard, Lescott), periods of sustained, clever intricate football followed by crude backs-to-the-wall boot-it-upfield-and-hope hoofball. Which Everton turns up on … Continue reading Schizoid Everton

While I was away…..

……….I was out of commission this weekend, so it wasn’t until Monday night I got to see the Everton goals in the 4-0 win over Wigan- a nice payback for the earlier appalling performance, perhaps Everton’s worst of the season, at Wigan’s Dave Whelan stadium or whatever they are calling it nowadays. Most gratifying was … Continue reading While I was away…..


… recently revisiting the riveting snake pit of Deadwood (the HBO series, not the place), the lovely lady with me on the couch  remarked “We need to bring hooplehead into common usage”. Apparently a made-up word from the shows’ writers, used  to denote the great mass of stupid people preyed on by the shows predatory … Continue reading Hoopleheads