3 thoughts on “Hoopleheads”

  1. Hoopleheads! We should watch another Deadwood tonight…so we can more fully grasp the concept of the word…:)

  2. I’d actually heard that “hooplehead” wasn’t made up by the writers, but was one of the words that was around at the time. There’s some interview with Milch, where he explains that the reason they used anachronistic cursewords like “cocksucker” was ’cause their characters would all sound like Yosemite Sam if they were too true to the period. But hooplehead was one they kept. I’m glad they did. And yeah, I’ll do my part to bring hooplehead back in the East bay.

  3. Sounds right to me, Thumbu. I once tried to explain to someone that calling someone a “rascal” in 19th century America was practically a duelling offence and was met with amazement.
    Good luck with your East Bay hooplehead project…..!!!!!

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