Moment of Truth

So now to the moment of truth…. Finishing an excellent league season with wins against West Ham and Fulham (both London clubs playing for European football next year), seems like the perfect preparation for next Saturday’s finale in the FA Cup Final.  To the neutrals, the press and especially the casual fans who believe football … Continue reading Moment of Truth

Hippies/Rednecks Redux

There’s a word that’s bandied around a lot – “iconoclast”- and like a lot of words, it’s misused, misheard and misunderstood. Suffice to say it comes from another misused and misunderstood word- “ikon”. When you hear of some fucking movie star that’s not John Wayne or Clint Eastwood or Bogey being described as an icon, … Continue reading Hippies/Rednecks Redux

W1 D1 L1

A credible draw at Chelsea,  just three days after the heroic cup-semi-final win, a tired performance resulting in an almost predictable loss to Manchester City on our return to Goodison and a business-as-usual away win at Sunderland was certainly a better return than I expected of a team with bigger fish to fry. You can’t … Continue reading W1 D1 L1