Hard To Imagine

The extraordinarily beautiful Grace Kelly would have been 80 years of age today. Dying at 53 of a stroke seems so odd, so arbitrary, now that 65 is not old but “middle-aged”. I’m also struck that her feature films only number eleven. Her presence was such as a movie star and in the popular consciousness … Continue reading Hard To Imagine

A loathsome ending to the loathsome tragedy of the last four years

So said Siegfried Sassoon, poet, soldier, national war hero, high-profile war critic, anti-hero, in his diary entry for November 11, 1918. More than any historical experience- more than the mechanised horrors of the concentration camps, more than a plague-ridden medieval city, more than the push-and-shove of a shield wall- I find it difficult to wrap … Continue reading A loathsome ending to the loathsome tragedy of the last four years

November 11, 1918

November 11, 1918- “the day the guns go silent”. A wounded German soldier recovering from a gas attack in a military hospital hears the news of the Armistice and the Kaiser’s abdication and is plunged into despair and confusion. The more I tried to achieve clarity on the monstrous event in this hour, the more … Continue reading November 11, 1918

Almost Perfect

When I saw this picture of a young ravishing Liz Taylor on the great If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger…. site I was reminded of my grand-aunt Ginny’s oft stated comments……”she’s beautiful but she has ugly hands”. Nobody’s perfect but she comes close………Wait a minute…… The Perfect Woman?…..this lady……. ……La Bella Bellucci. Continue reading Almost Perfect