“Time rushes by, love rushes by………

…….life rushes by, but the Red Shoes go on.” So says Boris Lermontov, played by Anton Walbrook in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s masterpiece (well, one of their masterpieces). And apparently he was right. The shoes worn by Moira Shearer in the climactic dance sequence are on display at the British Film Institute’s Southbank Gallery in London … Continue reading “Time rushes by, love rushes by………

Christmas shopping

James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan trim the tree in Ernst Lubitsch’s The Shop Around The Corner. Two workmates who can barely stand one another, they have yet to realize that they have fallen in love with each other as anonymous pen pals. A luminous comedy, with all concerned in terrific form – especially Frank Morgan as Mr. … Continue reading Christmas shopping

A Christmas Tale….

Three not so Wise Men promise a dying woman they will save her baby and take it to safety. Across the Arizona desert, while pursued by a posse, no less.  Of course, they are almost out of water. John Ford and company make this simple little allegory work, a tale of redemption in typical Fordian … Continue reading A Christmas Tale….

Top Cat Dead at 91

…..or at least Arnold Stang, the voice of Top Cat, the greatest cartoon character ever, has died in Massachusetts at aged 91.  As you can see, Arnold bore little or no resemblance to the debonair, albeit pantless, T.C. Then again Top Cat is up there in the rarefied stratus of cool with Alain Delon, Robert Mitchum, Elvis, Keef, Marlene … Continue reading Top Cat Dead at 91