I was going through Elm Street Books in New Canaan CT looking to see what I might see, when I picked up a copy of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. Now I’ve read this thriller. It was given to me, when I was still in the book trade, by a friend at the publishing … Continue reading Primal….

Vampires…meh… Selkies, that’s different…..

Here I have to balance my ever-burgeoning admiration for Colin Farrell against my extreme wariness of anything Neil Jordan puts his name to. (For my money it goes like this- do see Mona Lisa, Company of Wolves, End of the Affair, The Butcher Boy….worth a look  The Good Thief, Angel.….meh Michael Collins…..avoid like the plague … Continue reading Vampires…meh… Selkies, that’s different…..

Nail On Head

My heart isn’t in writing anything about yesterdays debacle at the Tin Mine or as I said to a Kopite, “The You’ll Never Walk Again Derby”. My thoughts agree with the sentiments of Mark O’Brien’s report at When Skies Are Grey– we bottled it. And while I’m sure I’ll feel differently in a few days, … Continue reading Nail On Head