Soul Deep

No doubt about it but Alex Chilton who died last week in New Orleans touched a lot of smart people, many of whom are saddened by his passing at the relatively young age of 59. Some loving tributes here, here and especially here. Chilton and his band Big Star epitomized what Robert Christgau called “semi-popular” music and … Continue reading Soul Deep

A Big To-Do

Seven or eight years ago, I heard or most likely read about, an intriguing rock album that I immediately decided I must seek out. It was/is called “Southern Rock Opera” an awful title and the band was/are called The Drive-By Truckers,  a terrific moniker for a rock’n’roll band. What intrigued me about the damned thing? It was … Continue reading A Big To-Do

In A Nutshell……

A 2-2 draw at Birmingham and a performance that is a paradigm for Everton’s season all in one game. Everton started like a house on fire and raced to a two goal lead, playing the kind of football that if it didn’t quiet match their best performances, seemed at least to signal that it would … Continue reading In A Nutshell……


I wouldn’t like anyone to think my admiration for the eternal, the nonpareil Ms. Claudia Cardinale, has waned just because I changed the picture on the header of this blog. Of course this explanation just gives me an excuse to publish this picture….. Continue reading Eternal….