Mitt Romney’s Tumbril Remark

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney’s Tumbril Remark”

  1. While your right in allot of what you say you have however fallen into the trap which all the liberal media has. He actually said that he was not worried about the very poor as their are safe guards in place to protect them and if they needed to be looked at they would. Now he put it in a very clumsy and cumbersome way but to not report what he said fully is just plain wrong. Secondly he is of course playing to the voters of middle America and to some extent to a new breed of working poor. Politicians are making the same kind of crass comments in Europe at the moment as well David Cameron stands up in the Commons and makes they weekly. It is of course natural that the working poor or indeed the lower middle class look on those on welfare much harder in times of economic hardship and it is to the working poor and middle America Romney is trying to appeal to. It’s the kind of stuff you hear all the time from the likes of Howie Carr and Bill O’ Reilly among others. The real question is this if the safeguards for the very poor are so good why are they still very poor?

  2. It’s like when Barbara Bush visited the people living in the Astrodome in New Orleans after the hurricane – she made a comment like “well they are used to living like that anyway”

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