bookstore moment to cherish

…… at-first-glance unremarkable Upper Eastside Lady-who-Lunches comes into the bookstore, picks up a copy of “Yiddish With Dick & Jane” and announces “They’re sueing you know.” Cue puzzled manager asking “Who’s sueing???? The original Dick & Jane people…???” “No” confides the LWL “Everybody else!!!! Because you see” she whispers confidentially “this book is not just … Continue reading bookstore moment to cherish


…………You all love midget stories just as much as me…… “A bunch of midget wrestlers are aiming to make it big in Britain. Known as the Half Pint Brawlers, they battle each other in the ring with broken bottles, staple guns and cheese graters. The tiny tough guys – currently on a sell-out tour of America … Continue reading half-pint